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Top 5 Lists
What we're playing:

  1. Joint Ops (PC)
  2. Mercenaries (Xbox)

What we're reading:

  1. "Broken Angels" Richard K Morgan
  2. "Woken Furies" Richard K Morgan
  3. "Market Forces" Richard K Morgan
  4. "Not a Good Day to Die" Sean Naylor
  5. "Collapse" Jared Diamond
  6. "Shadow of the Giant" Orson Scott Card

What we're watching: (wow we're watching a lot eh?)

  1. Shin Seki Evangelion Platinum Edition DVDs
  2. The Place Promised in Our Early Days DVD
  3. Casshern Complete Edition DVD
  4. Giant Robo DVD set
  5. Sword of Doom DVD
  6. Manchurian Candidate(2004) DVD
  7. FLCL DVD set
  8. Zeta Gundam DVD set
  9. Cowboy Bebop DVD set
  10. Blade Runner

What we're listening to:

  1. Sex Machineguns "Heavy Metal Thunder"
  2. X Japan "Best" DVD/CD combo
  3. Manchurian Canditate (2004) Soundtrack
  4. Innocence Soundtrack
  5. GridLink advanced tracks

What we can't wait to get our hands on:

  1. Black (PS2)
  2. Wanda and the Giant (PS2)
  3. The Ultimates Vol 2 (Marvel Comics)
  4. Samurai Champloo DVDs (only 1 volume out in US now)
  5. Blade Runner Ultimate Edition DVD
  6. New CD/DVD ep by Merry



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