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Studio Grey was started by Jon Chang in 1997. Named for Yoshihisa Tagami's manga/character Grey, Studio Grey began primarily as an aegis to release his design, web, animation, music, writing and game works.

In 2001 Studio Grey produced it's first video project, a promo video for the Discordance Axis song "Ikaruga". After it was completed, we decided to focus on animated projects(game, film, OVA) and began work on Studio Grey's first OVA Scratch Trigger Era.

Presently(August 2002) we are actively working on 2 games, a book and Scratch Trigger Era. We are aiming to grow Studio Grey into a full-time animation studio that produces original works in tradition of such companies as Gainax and Studio 4 Degress C. For now though, we do it in between our day jobs ^o^



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