Scratch Trigger Era

Jon Chang
(creator, writer, character designer, director)
After seeing his first episode of Starblazers at age 4, Jon Chang did nothing but write and draw comics featuring his favorite characters for the next 6 Chang still draws space ships, writes scifi stories, listens to and plays metal, makes and plays video games, and makes otaku pilgrimages to Japan. His parents are hoping he'll develop an interest in girls any day now.

Mark Gilson
(creator, character designer, writer)
Young Mark Gilson always knew there was a guy inside the Godzilla suit, he just never let it bother him. It was the character of Godzilla that hooked him. Fast forward a decade or two, mix in influences ranging from the muppets to manga, pro wrestling to video games, comic books to comedy albums, set it all to a thrash metal soundtrack, and you get Gilson. Mark has never stopped being obsessed with all sorts of fantastic characters, and creating his own. None as cool as godzilla, though.

Phil Smith
(creator, animation director)
As a ten year old, phil smith walked 3 miles through a blizzard to play a dollars worth of Spyhunter at a dairy queen. As a young man, he endured years of classical art school. Luckily there was a Spyhunter machine across the street from his home at the time. As an adult, Phil Smith has about a decade's worth of experience in virtual reality, character design, and animation. He hopes one day to own a Spyhunter machine...