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Begin of packet// arrival date: Fri Jan  7 04:36:45 2673
From. Deputy Director, Aegis Development Board
To. Aegis Exoborne Platoon

The nation-state of Sigil on the planet Ameth, after falling out of contact for almost a decade, has remerged as a hostile power and attacked a Federal Aegis non-combatant development group in the Aleph Epsilon cluster.

Before they were wiped, the engineers managed to relay some of the transmissions broadcast by the attacking Sigil troops.

Welcome to the host, embrace our light.
This is the communion,
This is your rapture.

The recordings indicate the Sigil nation-state has gone xenophobic as well as theocratic.

By attacking unarmed representatives of the Federal Aegis, the nation-state of Sigil is now subject to clause 36-18 of the Aegis Exo-Planetary Development Charter and has been classified as a rogue nation-state targeted for suprression. Under the conditions of 36-18, you are ordered to procede to Ameth and depopulate the planet without exception. Leave nothing standing. Not one shred of their culture.

Kill everything that moves.

Possessed Sprite.