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Join the Last Enemy Team

These are positions we need people for:

  • mappers - submit a screenshot of some map work you have done using GTKRadiant, SoF2Radiant, etc.
  • skinners/texturers - an example of your skin or texture
  • sound - submit mp3 files of your work
  • coders - an example of scripting or code you have made
  • modellers - renderings of your models
You will need to submit example(s) of your work to the LE project leader.

Please no screenshots bigger than 512 kb. Ideally, post them on your site and send in a url for us to check out.

Sound-designers with larger files please contact us for more info.

Our team is pretty tight at the moment. We need people who are mature, self motivated and have an interest in creating something a little different than a cookie cutter military game. It's ok if this is your first mod, but be willing to learn and communicate. Working on a good mod is a nice resume piece if you're planning to go pro in the game industry.

We are very dedicated to making this mod a unique experience. People looking to remake their favorite games with new skins probablly aren't going to enjoy working with us.

Working on a mod takes time, be sure you have enough. We're not running on any strict deadlines yet, but we expect people to be producing or contributing on their own without us having to hound them.

No one expects 100% of your time for the mod, but we are dedicated to making this mod happen. We expect you to be as well.

If you think this sounds like a group of people you'd like to work with, email Angel_of_Death

If you don't have one, you'll need to have a ICQ, MSN or AIM account. Make sure to include your name or number when you submit. We look forward to hearing from you.