Notes: The second attempt at recording the first DA LP (the first attempt was truncated to become the split 7" with Hellchild because we broke up halfway through recording it). I have mixed feelings about the recording. Some people like it, others don't. I fall into the later category. I was pretty excited to get the sound board recording from CBGBs out on the "Original Sound Version" CD as it has most of the songs from this LP on it and they sound a lot crunchier (guitar wise anyway).

Another observation...This record was, obviously, our first and has the most meddling from me(Jon) in the music. When I stopped giving so many "orders" about how I wanted songs to go, the material got a lot better as is evident on everything we recorded after this. The lyrics are ok, though there are a lot of really hack parts (at least from my perspective). I can see Napalm Death "FETO", SOB "Gate of Doom" and that whole wave of Brit 80's HC way too much in the words. I think that Jeff and co. from Capitalist Casualties nailed a lot of what I was trying to get across here far better than I ever did. A big tip of the hat to them. If you haven't heard them, their "The Art of Ballistics" 7" and the "Disassembly Line" 12" were amazing records that went out of print way too fast and for those of us who got the cheap ass first edition CDs that Slap a Ham pressed...well we all got screwed by cheap manufacturing. I have 2 unplayed copies that I recently tried to play and neither works...wherever they were pressed, the CD quality was very cheap and the CDs fail over time...

Provisioning drain
Circuitry of extraction
Trapped in cancer
Obsessed illusion

Rapacity of carnage exceeds tolerance
Thoughtless abuse practiced rape
Supervised extraction suits voracious interests
That sap the blood from the Earth's heart

The spine of a prolonged delusion
We are controlled by unseen terror

Notes. Probably the first true DA song, it remained in live rotation for every show after we wrote it. The sampled intro(from Akira Kurosawa's film "Dreams") was played live only once at our first show in Tokyo, in 1995, with Rob Proctor on the sticks. It was played because Proctor, given three days notice to go on tour, was still learning songs and we only had 10 minutes of live material down at that point. The "OSV" CD has a slightly different intro than the LP version. When we were mixing the CD, the "left, right" thing was on the beginning of the master. Neither the engineer(who had mixed "Ulterior" 3 years earlier), nor myself knew where it came from but it sounded cool so we left it on there. Another bit of trivia, Dominion is also the name of a manga by Masume Shirow about environmental destruction.

Killing Yield
Harvest the killing yield.

Harvest a, killing yield
From a side effect of this enterprise
Meddlesome collide, with peripheral culture
With garish stares and hard boiled eyes

Sharpening the barbs of a disruptive ambience
Blind, gagged, coiled behind the mask
Construct to foster, capitalist priority
Through colonial encroachment

All too unaware at a vision dead point
Heavy capital infect
IMF manipulating
The information dragnet

Notes. Inspired by the comic "Third World War" (that ran in 2000 AD and was published in the US by Fleetway/Quality Comics) and another "political" comic called "Third World War", that featured Baron Storey, Peter Kuper, etc... every time it came out (seemingly at random for a while). I've seen tablature for this online, figured out by a fan ^_^

Heavy Water
Detailed arcs, rout individual
Doted topography a pronounced disillusion
Coherent area, alienation
And they dynamics of living a lie.

Omniscient turbines grinding
Analytical glare of anti-glee
Refined into asbestos
Introduced to preempt wonder.

Captured in this circle - composition
Stooped by patently ulterior cares
The hushed quiver, of a semi-life
As the machine rolls on

Notes. "As the Machine Rolls On"...sigh. You'll see a lot of these little "Napalm-isms" throughout the lyrics of "Ulterior". See if you can spot them all ^_- This song does have a pretty nice scream at the beginning though. This is the first song we ever tape spliced together. Dave and Rob would write stuff and give me tapes of it to write lyrics to. At some point I started taking their stuff apart and putting it back together via tape dubs to create "my remixes". Sometimes we used them and other times we wouldn't ^_^ The astute listener will notice that the third measure of the second blast part in this song is slightly truncated.

Mind Seduction Aftermath
Follow in step into line after line
In accordance with what's required

Assigned mantelpiece, designated function
Memory pulped into the assimilation spider web
Assimilation spider web

Mind seduction aftermath
Your identity has been seduced
And quickly quieted.

Notes. This song should either be called "Ode to Dishamronic Orchestra" for blatantly swiping their song title "Mind Seduction" from their "Not to be Undimensional Conscience" LP or from ripping off the end to that song where the singer whispers the word "quietly". On the musical side, this is super primitive. The tablature looks something like "Follow Dave, garbage x 8 measures, slayer part x4, garbage to end."

Invisible manipulation access direct
Lodged in the lens of television screens
Suspended in virtual breeze is the screaming of ghosts
Marble goldfish exercise control

Notes. A short one. I really like this and the lyrics aren't too horrible. There's a lot of strange imagery in our songs but the last two lines of this one always stuck out in my mind for some reason.

Ruin Trajectory
Backfilled trenches bury cancer intensive dreams
In razor wire orchards and bar code reefs
(Where) Primary extinction communicates its intent
On a
Trajectory of
The Ground
For the strontium 90 offspring

Boiling dust stands in pools of molten glass
Severe contamination of irradiated dreams
Nuclear reservations and burial gardens
Alpha particles stir in the poison breeze

Planting yellow posts
In the sand
The trail markers of irradiated dreams
Trapped in senseless illusions
Compressed to a state
Of critical mass

Notes. Inspired by the book "Nuclear Landscapes" by Peter Goin, a photo documentary of the many nuclear test and waste disposal sites left in the wake of our history. A lot of people like the "insect noises" Rob generated at the beginning of this song by rubbing his guitar pick over the strings.

Dystopia Pt 2

Notes. The one song no grind band can be without. The one second song. An institution as precious as life itself ^_-

Cat's Cradle
Faces pillaged of expression
Homogeneous nuclear family units
Holed up in external as public eye sees fit
Vaccinated against free will

Self-deluded by our nature
Or the blank scope of ourselves?
Screening decisions-integrity cremated
Chaperoned orientation to fiscal

Better homes and gardens or killing fields
A deeper sense of nothing, of alienation.

Negotiate self as target
Of assimilation

Controllability of linear people
Autistic configuration of a cohesive identity
Inarticulate posture
Only serves to undermine self-determination

Notes. Witte's fav song from LP number one. Lyrics are ok but not great. We played this a lot better live where I replaced a lot of the growling stuff with screams.

Wheels Within Wheels
A narrow formation in lobotomized rhythm
Sits like a knife edge at my mind
Riding with gunhed overdrive to zero
Mind setting like flowers in concrete

Notes. The second line is quoted from a 7 Minutes of Nausea tune on their "Noise of the Rose" 7"ep. "Riding with Gunhead" turned up later as chapter title in William Gibson's book "Virtual Light". (I have no idea if he's a DA fan but I doubt it somehow ^_-) Gunhed, correct spelling, is a live action Japanese mecha movie. At the time it seemed pretty cool, but watching it now makes me squirm. One really nice aspect about it still is that it is a really gritty looking film.

Human Collateral
Lease our lives, to misplaced hopes
The treason of assiduity harkened by the whip crack

Cruising the ruins of regret
In zones of silence where time stands still

Scourged and twisted, relentless constraint
Absurd capitulation on the estrangement index

Notes. Real old song, I think we wrote it in 92? Our first song to use diminished chords, but still real primitive. I think it was played a little differently each time we played it haha I personally like the original versions better where Wit plays the blast parts on the ride cymbal.

Hardware of slavery, treadmill of dogma
A realization of the Orwellian dream
Among the blind and under scrutiny
Adjuncts figment as auspicious

Sense the omnipotence of function
Restless whims of mechanistic affairs
Laid to waste by regulated proxy
From a subordinated perspective
Dubious problems from which disillusion projects


Notes. First song we wrote when we reformed to record an LP in August 1993. It was also the first song to have any kind of real structure to it. Pretty catchy...

Euphoria Dejection
Like a metronome
Debriefed at length
By a steady diet of amphetamines

(random screaming)

Downward well
Of social compression
Self contained lie
Of upward social mobility

Persecuted labor surrogate
Sprinkle me with lime
A mundane euthanasia

Notes. Written at the very last minute...literally. I think I improvised the middle because I couldn't come up with anything that fit on the spur of the moment.

Barely perceived through somnambulity
Kinetic vacuum distorts observance
Air tight cages of the multiplex
Deadening empty happiness

Insecurity conditioning disguised
As the usual advertising
Dazed eyes wander casually

Spatial atrophy
Memory dump file
Dazed rambling in synchronicity

Barely perceived through somnambulity
Kinetic vacuum distorts observance
Air tight cages of the multiplex
Deadening empty happiness

Notes. This is my fav song from "Ulterior". We used to play it a lot...The intro is from the "Batman : Mask of the Phantasm" movie. The lyrics for this song are very "Multiplex", a Japanese grind band that preceded the death metal-grind hybrid shift that came to the west in the early 90's. "Multiplex", however, annihilated every band I ever heard try to follow in its shoes.

Wisdom has become clouded pumped with the bile
Of this insular trash culture
Dead state laying awake
Gorging on the boundless

Dead state laying awake
Inculcating life as bound
Lethargic conscious being
Gorging on the boundless

Captives of envy to possess the material icons
A subtly created prison with no...walls.

Ravenous synergy of time held circles
Of imperical dimensions
Blind, torn, ruptured and broken
Enslaved by the tyranny of suspicion.

Notes. Rob and myself collaborated on this one. The lyrics are pretty neat. It contains the "adjective 4 count" as it came to be known. Aka 4 adjectives in a row describing a destroyed state of being. It's in a bunch of DA songs on this record and shows up on a few tunes of "Jouhou" as well.

Gluttonized foundation
Well versed in the art of slavery

Patrons of feudal interest
Scurry around a concrete beehive

Crazed civilization frantically going nowhere.

Notes. The first song we wrote and retained. Guitar tab reads "Follow Dave, garbage". I think that about says it all for this one ^_-

Amnesia Ceiling
Cherish insanity, digression grinding
The cogwheels of a cool eloquence lined with an undimensional joy

Amusing ourselves to death
Before reclaiming a lifeless life

Subscribe to whose iconisms
Rallied into a closed circuit
Of dreams turned sour and then turned on themselves

Exotic variations (of nothing)
Can't think beyond conditioning
Now stand at the end of life.
The broken promise of wasted activity

Endure this world without end in total silence.

Notes. This was rewritten after a girl I was dating heard the original version of the song and commented that she liked the little 2 measure mosh part we had thrown into it. Our policy has always been if anyone likes any of our slow parts, we make them shorter or cut them entirely. The first time we played "Typeface" live, before "Jouhou" was released, it was hilarious to watch the crowd start bobbing their heads for a second and then get their little groove thrown back into thrash beats haha

Harmony Battery
Rigidly perpetuated unawares
Inherent abuse takes shape
Submitted for strategic

Trace the steps of contentedness with empty traditions
So called alternative is nothing but more of the same
Possessive nature of the mutual farce that is harmony battery

Denounce our repression or save face?

Notes. Rob's fav song from "Ulterior". The music is pretty cool for this one but the lyrics are about as stupid as can be. After working in ad agencies for about 5-6 years I can safely say there is jack shit that is done at them that is genuinely strategic. Marketers are about as clued into what they do as whatever they read in the trade magazines (which explains why most things look so damn boring in the US).

Playing dead with earnest, lend to the sigh
Drowning in air with a propped up smile
Consigned to the enclosure of a formal life
To our thought all manner to deprive

Conceded to a selfish dream

The ceaseless senselessness of the lemming procession
Redoubled deception, extending outwards
In touch with the consensual avarice
Dolled eyes rejoice in illusions

Notes. The title track and yowza is it lame.

Giving rise to self delusion
A blueprint for volition deferred
Punctuated sense left defused...raped

Casual abuse remains unchallenged
In any form but words
Words that expressions of token gesture.

Ritual blanket of grey, spouting a fixed lie.

Notes. Melt Banana covered this song and play it way better than we ever did, though not as fast ^_-

Driver's Side Air Bag
Uncanny nil frames an illegal soul
Existing in a pocket in which creativity is drained
Through marketable deployment and planned obsolescence
Manufacture according to the latest trends
Sensationalize and infest
Sterile faculties of capitalist incentives
Of statistics and profit figures, of rivets and slag
Scratch the surface of a liberation virtual and unreal
A counter culture the raw material
For its decimation

Notes. Another song inspired by the RPG game "Paranoia". I'm not sure if it's still around but this was about the coolest pen and paper game I ever played. I like the implication that people need a layer of protection from new ideas. Well, at least that's the idea behind the title of the song.

A deep inside nothing
Of a null and void preview
Swollen with the emptiness
Of distorted fulfillment excess
Oblivious senses
Building up the starry eyed nation.

User friendly genocide, tailored to an existential suffering
Strip mining, our souls and beings.

Integrity of expression, sacrificed as an obstruction to sales
Thoughtless short sighted gains, outweigh creativity

Notes. There are a gazillion shitty bands in the world that sing about nothing and have nothing interesting or honest to say. There's also a gazillion crappy "underground" bands in the world that do the same thing but slap a "political" face on what they do. Every time I see blown up bodies and war victims on the cover of a record I want to puke. Nothing is more disgusting than using other people's suffering as your cover art.

Free thought has been hollowed
Furnished with myopia
Spin drift misconception
Inducements stagnate


Life inside an envelope
Built on lie after lie
From complex layer of illusion
Can you recover your soul?

Choking down expressions of homage

Reshaped desires prosecute attrition rate
Slotted into a life of graft
Defining said contours, through make-work production

Processed stimulation in their ten thousand mile stares
The sour taste of a mouth full of ashes, disordered introspection

Head is in the sand

While subdued integrity, surpasses recognition
Perspicacious dreams of liberation remain illusions.

Notes. Inspired by the Masume Shirow manga of the same name. This one was played correctly for the first time when we recorded it. It used to be our hardest song to play and then we wrote LP number 2 ^o^ It remained in rotation for a while and definitely has a place in our hearts. It was the endurance champion for a grind song at that point.

Delusion Envelope
Spiced with, the vacuity
Of inertia, unstirred
Undercurrent disorder
Perceive the same
Anxious drones carry out virus sorties
Unable to fracture displacement from our minds
Mind fuck sift repeats itself
Drawn to bleached definitions of gender, semiotics and race
A preset, unconscious
Sealed into, a vicious circle
Incapable of receding
Indentured precedence

Mistook to select, the true means of freedom
Instead breathing in deeply, from this vacuum

Brewing complacency in the delusion envelope
Retained in the bereft lobe of alienation
Harmony gouged out until depleted
Inevitable breakdown, of automated life.

Notes. This song is pretty cool. We used to open with it on the Melt Banana/DA tour in 95. The lyrics are good and bad...some measures are neat and others are just stupid. I really wish I didn't get hung up on using such obtuse words to describe everything back then. Sigh. What's past is past though.

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